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What is Unani system of medicine?

Unani medicine, also called Unani tibb, Arabian medicine, or Islamic medicine, a traditional system of healing and health maintenance observed in South Asia. The origins of Unani medicine are found in the doctrines of the ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen. Unani System of Medicine refers to Graeco-Arabic medicine, which is based on the teachings of Greek physician Hippocrates and Roman physician Galen and developed into an elaborate medical system in middle age era by Arabian and Persian physicians, such as Rhazes (al Razi), Avicenna (Ibn-e-Sina), Al-Zahrawi, and Ibn Nafis. Buqrat (better) known as Hippocrates, 460-377 BC) is said to be a descendent of Aesculapius and recognized as ‘father of Unani medicine’. It originated in Greece almost 2500 years back and has been using drugs of approximately 90% herbal, 4-5% animal and 5-6 % mineral origin.It is the scientific based of medicine, but also a rich store house of principles and philosophies of medicine which can be of immense value to the medicine in particular and science in general. Diseases and ailments are considered to derange the normal temperament and homeostasis of the humours in the body. So regimental therapy or (Ilaj bil-Tadabeer) pharmacotherapy (Ilaj bil-Dawa) have been utilized since ancient times as per the sole concept to bring back the homeostasis of the humours and to correct the abnormal temperament involved.Once these mode of treatment proved ineffective, surgery (Ilaj bil-yad) has been advised as a last resort.


Traditional systems of medicine including Unani, Ayurveda, Sidha, Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc. are gathering increasing recognition in recent years. Traditional systems of medicine have always played important role in meeting the global health care needs. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, 80 percent of the world population use herbal medicine for some treatment purposes. This is also in Media that soon AYUSH (Department of complementary and alternative medicine) will be the mainstream medical science ahead. Unani System of medicine is one of the oldest traditional system of medicine which has strived through ages in the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions. Unani is the Arabic word for Ionian, or Greek for which popularly Unani medicine is also known as Unani Tibb or Graeco-Arab Medicine, as Arabs have developed and refined it through systematic experiment prominently by Avicenna.

Ashraful Laboratories Private Limited

About Us

Ashraful Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd is a leading alternative medicine (Unani) company in Bangladesh which is established in the year of 2010. This company is engaged in the manufacturing & marketing of a wide rang of Unani medicines and is acclaimed for outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding service.

Its state of the art manufacturing plant, located at Raghunathpur, Kaligonj, Jhenaidah, division of Khulna. It is equipped with highly sophisticated  and advanced facilities. The facilities has been planned and designed to meet the local as well as international demand both qualitatively and quantitatively. Ashraful Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd such a company which maintains strict compliance of GMP guidelines according to Drug Administration, Government of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

The Ashraful Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd team is composed of a group of highly qualified, trained & skilled professionals and experts including Pharmacist, Chemists, Microbiologist, Botanist  Engineers, doctors etc. having decades of experience from reputed pharmaceuticals industries. The management team acts as a contant source of inspiration for a cohesive family of professional and tecnical staff in dedicating themselves fully to achieve the highest level of quality. Quality is a journey not a goal following this Ashraful Laboratories always concentrates on research & development by using better technologies & newer inventions to produce modern & quality of Unani Medicines. Our business practices & processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of patients, doctors & regulators.

In Finaly, it is to say, the company has already passed 10 years in a flash of an eye. Serving the humankind with quality Unani medicines is our motto. The heritage of these alternative  medicines is our inspiration. The objective  of the company is to provide essential and specially medicines for all types of diseases for ailing humanity at an affordable price in support of “Better Health For All”policy of World Health Organization (WHO).

Best Selling Products​

Syrup Group

Syrup Ashliv

(Sharbat Deenar)


Syrup Ajmin

(Sharbat Nankha)


Syrup Eryful

(Sharbat Faulad)


Syrup Amag

(Sharbat Demaghi)


Syrup Ashfi

(Sharbat Musaffi)


Syrup Likovix

(Sharbat Niswan)


Syrup Ashfal

(Sharbat Atfal)


Syrup Ashjin

(Sharbat Jinsin)


Syrup Agic

(Sharbat Khaksi)


Syrup Aslos

(Sharbat Belgiri)


Syrup Ashvasin

(Sharbat Sadar)


Syrup Ashkuli

(Sharbat Tamarind)


Syrup Ashton

(Sharbat Misali)


Syrup Aptron

(Sharbat Sehat-Afza)


Tablet Group

Tablet Ashmom

(Habb-e Ambar Momiyaee)


Tablet Sperto

(Habb-e Mumsik)


Tablet Ashpain

(Qurs Awja)


Tablet Hemorid

(Habb-e Muqil)


Tablet Brocil

(Habb-e Madar)


Tablet Ashteet

(Habb-e Helteet)


Tablet Ashlee

(Kushta Qalyee)


Capsule Group

Capsule Ashjan

(Habb-e Suranjan)


Capsule Ashtil

(Sufoof Humuzin)


Capsule Ambula

(Sufoof Pechish)


Capsule Ashteen

(Habb-e Hayateen Murakkab Jawahirdar)


Capsule Tanica

(Qurs Habis)


Capsule Sertina

(Sufoof Fishar)


Capsule Jarnoc

(Qurs Ehtelam)


Powder Group

Powder Asza

(Sufoof Sheer-Afza)


Powder Jigar

(Sufoof Jigar)


Powder Rulazil

(Sufoof Muhazzil)


Powder Jiryan

(Sufoof Jiriyan)


Semi-solid Group

Semi-solid Leopak

(Majoon Suparipak)


Semi-solid Ashvin

(Laooq Damavin)


Semi-solid Linoos

(Jowarish Jalinoos)


Semi-solid Ashdur

(Majoon Kundur)


Semi-solid Mulza

(Halwa Baiza)

Ashraful Laboratories Products
দেশকে ও দেশের মানুষকে ভালোবাসুন, দেশীয় উদ্ভিদ, প্রাণীজ ও খনিজ উপাদান দ্বারা প্রস্তুতকৃত আশরাফুল ল্যাবরেটরীজ-এর ঔষধ সেবন করুন।

গাছের সাথে থাকুন, গাছের প্রতি যত্নবান হউন, এই গাছ আপনার জীবন রক্ষাকারী ঔষধের ভূমিকা পালন করে।

Plants Tree

Syrup Aptron - The Product of Ashraful Laboratories

Aptron is a natural appetizer, nutritious and restoring loss of health, carminative, stomach and nerve tonic.It contains essential phytonutrients, natural vitamins, antioxidents, amino acids and minerals. Aptron ‍strengthens the body's immune system by destroying free radicals present the antioxident in the body and strengthens body cells, nerve cells and red blood cells consolidation. Amino acids and natural minerals act as appetizer, nutritious and stomach strengthening.
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